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Towel Specialties/ Cobblestone Mills (ASI 91605) is the exclusive supplier of Blue Mill Weavers' blankets into the corporate promotional world.

Boars Head woven blanket on couch

From Home to Office

Give a gift that they will appreciate
as much as you appreciate them.
Our Corporate gifts can be as unique as your employees, clients, and VIPs.
Give them a gift that is 100% custom made for them.
From Company Logos and Artsy Designs, to Photography, we make a gift that will be loved and used for a lifetime.
Boars Head Woven Blanket


Over 147 Unique Woven Colors

We like to make sure our clients know that there is no limit to the amount of color they can use. While the 3 color way is a popular choice, the sky is the limit with our unique palettes. 

Our Basic Weaving Palette consists of  147 colors. This palette can be expanded depending on the clients needs through advanced weaving techniques. The versatility of this palette allows us to weave virtually any image or logo with colors that are close to the original, while using six colors of yarn (red, yellow, green, blue, black, and white.). This means that our blankets are in RBG rather than CMYK.

Digital Weave Palette


Woven Palette

Custom Blanket Ordering Process

Start by filling out the form below, and one of our representatives will reach out to you within 48 hours. Be sure to include any other questions or special requests in the comments section.

After we have read and responded to your initial request with any questions we may have, our art team will begin creating a virtual sample for you to approve. (this could take up to 48hrs to complete).

Once we have your virtual sample(s) completed, we will email it to you for approval. If there are no necessary changed to the design,  you can either choose to order a spec sample ($50(V) w/2 Day Sipping), or place a bulk order with us!

While we have a set minimum order quantity of 10 units, we also offer the flexibility of being able to provide less than 10 unit order for an additional charge ($20(R) per unit with an absolute minimum of 2 units).


Prices for Full Color Woven Blankets (R)


No Charge Virtual Samples Included

54"x72" Woven Blanket
62"x54" Woven Blanket
62"x84" Woven Blanket

For More Purchase Information Visit Towel Specialties.

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